Oxide Materials for the Post-Silicon Electronics Era


Welcome at the project ORAMA, a large-scale integrating project of 17 enterprises and research institutes, funded by the European Commission.

ORAMA addresses the urgent industrial need to develop new high performance multifunctional oxide based electronic materials that have the potential to catapult the electronics industry into a new era of growth.

Orama is an Integrated Project funded by European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 246334.


Orama will develop, analyze and utilize these new materials and techniques to investigate into device concepts highlighting the potential of oxides as electronic materials in the automotive industry – a highly competitive environment being of high importance for Europe’s industry with challenging demands on information, sensor and resource efficient energy technology to provide sustainable mobility for the European society.

It will achieve this by addressing the four key elements being essential for building up the new era of oxide based electronic industry:

  • 1st principle material modeling
  • synthesis of new materials
  • development of low temperature and damage free deposition and patterning techniques
  • novel characterization methods

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