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Sex cativity effect on psa levels

Posted 01.31.2021
Prostate specific antigen

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Overview of the prostate

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Daily, monthly and seasonal variation in psa levels and the association with weather parameters

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Sex and prostate cancer risk

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Why should you avoid sexual activity before a psa test

Very high level of psaprostate specific antigen in the blood is cause of prostate cancer. That said, more often than not, if your blood test shows high psa levels, the cause is something besides prostate cancer.

Understanding psa and other prostate cancer screenings

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Understanding psa test results

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What factors cause an increase in psa levels

The prostate specific antigen psa test is used to measure blood psa levels and help detect prostate cancer or other prostate abnormalities. How is the psa screening test done. Everything that happens to you when you're in a sex drought.

How to prepare for a psa blood test what to avoid

Psa tests are used to measure the level of psa in a man's blood.

Prostate cancer screening

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